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They are very active rodents who also need to get out of their cage regularly to exercise and have fun.

How do you get him out of his cage safely?

This leash is the essential accessory for walks or short walks.

It is suitable for your small rodent for maximum safety.

Our walking kit will allow you to walk your hamster in a fun and original way, while ensuring its safety.
2 in 1, this flexible and adjustable harness leash is very comfortable for your little friend’s outings.

In soft and very resistant braided nylon, this accessory is ideal for giving your little protected great freedom of movement while being well attached.

This leash for walks is suitable for small rodents:
rats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and many more…
Available in 2 sizes:

1.40m – 2m

Adjust the harness snugly on your small animal so that it cannot break free and without it strangling it!


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