Colorful swing seat


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It is important to install toys in your bird’s cage.

Your bird needs to be entertained so it doesn’t get bored and stays active.

What could be better than a pleasantly colored place where he can both cling to and play?
A swing perfectly adapted to the morphology of his legs. Your  will be comfortable and relaxed.

A bar as a perch to watch for long hours.

The multicolored rattan balls will give him pleasant moments of distraction.


Easy to install using its metal hooks.

This fun accessory fits on all cages.
It is an excellent quality product made with durable and very resistant materials.

The seat of the swing is made of natural  The various accessories are colored with paint that complies with food standards.

This toy is non-toxic and safe for your little feathered friend.

This playful cage accessory is suitable for all types of birds such as parakeets, parrots…


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