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Sleep is an essential factor to always take into account to ensure perfect physical and mental health for your tomcat.

Thus, the bedding must provide ease and practicality in order to:

provide quality rest.
avoid sleep disorders and the harmful effects resulting therefrom (stress, anxiety, aggressiveness, etc.).
ensure muscle relaxation.
facilitate thermoregulation during rest.
With many advantages, the basket bedding is:

tough on your cat’s claws.
easy to carry.
With an excellent quality/price ratio, the  cat basket offers a beneficial cocooning effect for your cat.
basket for cats
Cotton blend and durable weave
Quilted and padded cover for great strength
Perfect softness
Polyester fiber padding
Helps with good quality sleep
Features high edges to maintain body heat
Has a handle for easy transport
Design with quality finishes
2 sizes available
Color: GRAY and WHITE


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