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This hammock for rodents will delight your small mammal.
A multifunctional accessory to provide him with an excellent playground to hide and play.

Also a comfortable shelter to rest or sleep peacefully.

It is a cozy rest area where your little companion will feel safe.

During cold weather, this soft bed will bring comfort and warmth.

Your little rodent loves to sleep…

… this pompom hammock will give him a peaceful and pleasant sleep.

Quick and easy installation

Just hang it in its cage using its 4 very sturdy hooks.

High quality

Made of high quality cotton, it is machine washable.

Available in 3 colors:

purple, blue, pink
2 sizes to choose from:

S: 18cm x 18cm
L: 21cm x 21cm
Ideal for small pets, such as ferret, rat, hamster, squirrel, chinchilla, sugar glider, mouse and other small rodents.


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