Scratching post with ramp game


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It is imperative that your cat has a suitable place to scratch or claw as it wishes. The RAMP cat scratching post is a suitable scratching post for your kitten or cat.
Scratching post with ramp set:
Trixie Cat Scratcher and Game RAMP model
With its contemporary shapes and different patterns, the  scratching post is a modern take on conventional scratching posts.
Helps stimulate cats natural instinct to scratch
Cat scratching post with a corrugated scratching surface, which helps protect your furniture from scratch damage
Floor standing scratching post
Sold with CAT HERB for its pleasure and to attract it even more
Corrugated cardboard scratching post in the shape of a ramp with printed on the sides
Scratching post and game at the same time: with removable scratching post roller to encourage the cat to play
Color of the scratching post: BLUE
Size: 48cm


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