Gray dog pillow


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Neck pain in dogs can be caused by a condition called

In addition, your dog can also suffer from neck pain resulting from a congenital or degenerative origin (herniated disc) or from inflammation of the spinal cord.

Whether or not your pet is prone to neck pain, it is strongly recommended to provide a suitable cushion to prevent any pain.

Ergonomic, the  Gray Pillow for dogs from the Trixie brand is made using hollow fiber and silicone padding to effectively relax the muscles of the head and neck.

Gray Dog Pillow
Made of high quality polyester
Pressure-resistant, silicone-coated hollow fiber padding
Super soft fleece blanket
Effective ergonomic shape to relieve head and neck muscles
Excellent prevention for neck pain
Ensures great comfort for the animal
High comfort for the animal thanks to the stable shape
Machine washable at 30°C to ensure perfect cleanliness of the device
Grey color




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