Kong Wrangler Mouse


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A cute little mouse that will be teased, cuddled or chewed by your cat.

This new Wrangler collection from Kong features 2 oversized cat toys: the purple mouse or the green turtle.

Don’t be fooled, despite the appearances and the cute side of the character, this ultra-soft plush toy will resist the assaults of your cat by stimulating its natural desire to pounce, fight, scratch, knead and cuddle this toy.

Mouse Kong collection Wrangler PURPLE MOUSE
Oversized Kong toy to entertain your cat, motivate them to wrestle and cuddle
Kong toy ideal for indoor play
Textured plush body invites wrestling and play with cuddly moments
Promotes natural and instinctive kneading
Plush body is filled with beads for easy play
Recommended by veterinarians and behaviorists
Mouse ears or turtle’s 4 legs make crinkle-paper noises to stimulate your cat’s play


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