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Nearly 50% of cats are predisposed to obesity. This affects sedentary cats and of course neutered cats. To regulate its food intake, encourage the cat to extend its meal by making food less accessible. For this, use a dispenser toy for cats.

The IQ Snack Toy dispenser is an interactive food dispenser toy, it allows you to control the food portion while providing the necessary physical activity for your cat. He becomes more active. Toys are necessary to combat boredom, especially for indoor cats. The Dispenser increases your cat’s daily physical activity while dispensing an adjustable amount of dry food as your cat plays with their toy.
Distributor of kibble or treats for cat IQ Snack Toy model
Regulates your cat’s dietary needs
The toy makes play very attractive and encourages your cat to move
Increase physical activity
Dispenses an adjustable amount of dry food like kibble or treats
Allows you to reach your optimal weight
Improves digestion
toy to fill with a portion of food adapted to the needs of your cat
Size: about 9 cm high
The aim of the game :

Your cat is physically and intellectually required to move
By moving it, the distributor goes back and forth and the content falls to the ground through the opening
The spikes inside the toy make it harder to fall so your cat has to strain and work to grab the food.


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